Publications about Moldova

Since 2000, I've been travelling to Moldova - as a journalist and also on a private basis to visit Moldovans that have become friends. I have grown fond of the country and its people. Through articles and feature stories, speeches and by supporting humanitarian projects I try to do my share in helping the country and its people. I'm hoping that if the country does not sink into oblivion, this may change its future.

The small country with its 3.5 million inhabitants is hardly known, although Moldova borders directly on the European Union and its history is closely intertwined with that of the rest of Europe,

Today, the Republic of Moldova, which belonged for decades to the Soviet Union, is the poorest country in Europe. Out of desperation, many Moldovans are looking for jobs abroad - legally and illegally, while their children and elderly people are being left behind at home. Unfortunately, the jobs abroad too often turn out to involve human trafficking or forced prostitution.